Curious Cows

Episode 1: The fall and rise of Halton

March 20, 2021 Mike James Season 1 Episode 1
Curious Cows
Episode 1: The fall and rise of Halton
Show Notes

Mike James in conversation with John Walker and Nick Leighton about Halton Tennis Centre, then and now, with an emphasis on the last twenty years - the first Curious Cows Podcast.


  •     2m03s: Nick recounts a brief history of what went on at Halton through the twentieth century.
  •     9:27 John remembers joining Halton and how he was encouraged to become involved.
  •     13:22 Nick discusses the last 20 years in numbers - finance and people.
  •     23:34 The Complete Tennis Experience
  •     24:54 The turnaround begins; conditions John required to start the process
  •     33:44 Nick's light hand at the tiller and evolution
  •     42:23 All valued and welcome and the value of volunteers
  •     47:06 The present and future; looking to the future and post-pandemic and managing change

Notes and credits:
 This episode was recorded over Zoom during the January 2021 pandemic lockdown, hence some noises off.
 Music: John Bartmann (CC BY-SA 4.0 Attribution-ShareAlike licence)