Curious Cows

Episode 3: Jemima King; Inspirational tennis coach

March 20, 2021 Mike James Season 1 Episode 3
Curious Cows
Episode 3: Jemima King; Inspirational tennis coach
Show Notes

Mike James in conversation with Jemima King.

Jemima King is the County Performance Officer for Buckinghamshire Junior Tennis.  She is an inspirational coach and role model for girls in sport whilst also being a huge advocate for the female coaching journey. 

As a player she played U.S College Tennis at Boise State, becoming their most decorated ever doubles player, but also was instrumental in leading Bucks Ladies to their first ever Division 1 'County Week' title. 

Listen to how she balances out motherhood and coaching, her Fed Cup Trip to Argentina with Judy Murray in 2012, what 'performance' means to her.  She concludes with her 3 key qualities/values that she seeks to live up to everyday.

Jemima's bio.

Podcast highlights:

  • 1.07     A 'late developer' on court
  • 5.10     U.S Div 1 College Tennis at Boise State
  • 7.53     Injury halts play but her game develops as a result
  • 9.28     Thinking about turning professional
  • 11.20   Journey into coaching
  • 14.18   A heart for getting girls into sport
  • 18.10   Balancing motherhood and coaching
  • 21.05   Advocating the female coaching journey
  • 25.55   A new role - County Performance Officer for Bucks Tennis
  • 27.50   County Tennis as a player - leading Bucks ladies forward to first ever County week Div 1 title
  • 38.23   What does 'performance' mean to you?
  • 42.43   3 key qualities/values that you seek to live up to each day

Notes and credits:
 This episode was recorded over Zoom during the February 2021 pandemic lockdown.
 Music: John Bartmann (CC BY-SA 4.0 Attribution-ShareAlike licence).